June 1, 2012 20:17
National costumes of Estonians were presented in Ukraine
When seeing Estonian national costumes for the first time, unintentional analogies with Ukrainian traditional costumes come to mind. They have practically the same color palette and ornaments as decorations; the same cut and costume elements. Nevertheless, after looking closer for several minutes one can clearly see that there are a large number of differences in ...
March 25, 2012 08:10
Swedish Skansen: the oldest open-air museum
"Houses from different parts of Sweden were brought and located at a relatively small territory; a terrarium and a zoo with several sectors was arranged: for domestic and wild local animals, for exotic animals; the territory itself was developed and at present lots of people are coming to visit this place in endless streams...".
February 2, 2012 18:49
Beads are sacred for Huichol Indians
By and by, Ukrainians are starting to master the art of Mexican Huichol Indians. Andriy, a 33-year old Kyiver, has played an Indian in a film of Mykhailo Illenko called “The one who has gone though the fire”. For many years, Andriy has been a fan of the culture of the North American Indians...
January 2, 2012 13:15
Even Honoré de Balzac knew 77 recipes for baking of Ukrainian bread
Half a thousand examples of Ukrainian ritual bread were brought to Ivan Honchar Museum in Kiev from a hundred villages of Ukraine. With this unique exhibition called “I’m baking, baking tasty bread” the Museum staff and the exhibition visitors honored those who died during the famine of the 1932-33.
The largest wedding head dresses are worn by Kolomiya region brides
Watching Ukrainian brides wearing huge wreaths of goose feathers in old photographs I have never imagined I would be able for real to see a contemporary bride wearing this kind of wedding head dress. But in August this year I chanced to visit a wedding in the traditional style that took place in Veliky Kluchiv ...
December 30, 2011 23:52
Christmas angels made by folk masters
The angel theme is the most popular one before Christmas, especially in the art society. Each master tries to create a special divine messenger – from paper, clay, wood, metal, textiles, threads, corn ears, straw etc. Angels are unique and original but all of them have several common traits: they are solemn and merry...
December 19, 2011 14:57
Oleksandra Telizhenko: Ornaments are our ancient universal reading and writing
Never believe anyone saying that our people learned to write in the Хth century when Byzantine written language reached us: the Stonebarrow had had inscriptions 14 thousand years earlier and they looked much similar to an ornament. Those signs and symbols lay at the basis of our written language. It didn’t disappear; we have just ...
November 16, 2011 15:10
Practically each household in Kosmach, Gutsul territory, can boast of its own folk master
Euhen Hapych, a photographer from Kolomiya is sure of this. For half a year he has been traveling to this village taking photographs of folk masters in the process of work. 130 of his best photos which picture thirty local masters were presented in the Hetmanship museum in Kyiv...
September 13, 2011 18:08
Vytynanka world of Mykola Telizhenko
Over eighty paper-cut vytynanka compositions of Mykola Telizhenko, an honored artist of Ukraine, are exhibited in Kyiv, in the hall of “Ivan Honchar Museum” – the National Center of Folk Culture. The exhibition will be open till the August 12th.
August 9, 2011 22:03
A church painted by “Petrykivka” ornaments has appeared in Kyiv
Now Kyiv has a church ornamented by Petrykivka painting. The interior of the Saint George church belonging to the Kyiv patriarchy was painted by two artists from Petrykivka village – Galyna Nazarenko and Iryna Kibets – within several weeks.
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