The 1st International Photographic Competition “POTTERY VISIONS of the Country”

The 1st International Photographic Competition “POTTERY VISIONS of the Country”

Event date:

  • January 8, 2014 - April 25, 2014

Event location:

The National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne
102 Partyzanska Street, Opishne, Poltava Region, 38164, Ukraine
phone: +38 (05353) 42416, 42415, 42417
fax: +38 (05353) 42416;


The 1st International Photographic Competition “POTTERY VISIONS of the Country” is a polyfunctional art action of the world-wide renown. The Competition is hold under the general protection of the National Union of Art Photographers of Ukraine and the International Photographic Movement ISF – Image sans Frontère (Image without Borders).

The nominations of the Photographic Competition:

  • RetroVISIONS (photos of bygone years (to the late 20th century), which reflect the past of the pottery craft);
  • CeramoADVERTISEMENT (popularization and advertising of earthenware and pottery craft in general);
  • WonderWORLD of Ceramics (photos reflecting the diversity and beauty of ceramics);
  • PERSONages (photographic portraits of famous people, connected with pottery craft, ceramics).

Photographers willing to participate in the Photographic Competition, should submit digital versions of photos (printed works) and the application form according to the sample given in the addendum to the Management of the National Museum of the Ukrainian Pottery in Opishne (hereinafer referred to as the Management) for the preliminary selection and for the making of photos by 25.04.2014 as a deadline (to e-mail:

Terms of participation (Photographic Competition consists of some stages):

Stage 1 – sending of digital versions or printed photo works for the preliminary selection and for the making of photos (08.01–25.04.2014);
Stage 2 – the preliminary selection of works and notification of the authors about its results (28–30.04.2014);
Stage 3 – the preparation of photo works for the expositon and formation of the exposition (05–14.05.2014);
Stage 4 – the work of the Jury (15.05.2014);
Stage 5 – the exposition of the Photo Exhibition (27.06–30.10.2014);
Stage 6 – the ceremony of the oficial opening of the Exhibition, the announcement and the award presentation of winners (27.06.2014, 3 pm).

Professional photographers, amateurs, reporters, and all persons interested regardless of their citizenship, home country, age, sex, nationality, professional education, etc. are invited to take part in the Photographic Competition.

Photographers can participate individually or through their respective organizations, associations, unions, societies, galleries.

Common regulations, requirements for the contest works and an example of the application for the participation in the photographic competition you may find downloading the next file: VISIONS-2014.pdf

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