What is Rukotvory?

Rukotvory is an Internet project including the following:

  • Thoroughly selected information about folk artists and masters;
  • Latest talks with masters and efforts to disclose the best in the people as well as their innermost thoughts and feelings;
  • Announcements of recent and future events and festivals;
  • A place of discussion of folk crafts, search of new ideas and evaluation of creative work.

Who do we invite to join our resource?

First of all we invite spiritually “pure” masters who create works that “impress”, “warm” people, “do not leave them indifferent” and “create good mood”. Each work we let through ourselves and if it has any value to us it will definitely appear on our web site. The value of each item lies not in its cost and correspondence to certain standards or models. A work can be very naïve and extremely simple but at the same time it can serve as a treasury of vital energy with which the author imparted it.

We look for everything based on the Ukrainian mythology, traditions and customs, and representing to a maximum degree the energy of so-called Ukrainity. Not that of a cheap and trite junk kind but possessing depth, mystique and inscrutability… We seek creators!

In what way can we be useful?

  1. Masters will find their admirers
    The authors of the project pay special attention to the “promotion” of the selected artists in the Internet search systems. Location of the information in the corresponding columns will provide the reader with the effective opportunities to find the authors and up-to-date information about their achievements.
  2. Events will have visitors
    Organizers of different events in the area of folk crafts and trades will find their visitors and admirers. We are informing people about the news both directly on the web site and using specific address mailing lists
  3. Artists will have a possibility to communicate
    We provide opportunities for exchanging of thoughts and opinions among all the project participants.
    If you have new ideas and are looking for someone to implement them – then “Rukotvory” aims at becoming the most fitting tool for the realization of your wishes and dreams.
  4. Information will be understandable
    We present information at the web site in the native language, and in perspective we plan to translate it to several other languages. We want to present the best examples of Ukrainian folk crafts and trades clearly and in the present-day manner to the widest possible audience, thus joining creation of positive image of our country with its deep profundity and originality.

For masters

The conditions for joining the project are listed here

The project history

“Rukotvory” was created due to the private initiative of two journalists: Kateryna Kachur and Bohdan Hdal. The idea of the project formed at the end of 2008. The official project start date was the 17 of March, in 2009.

Project characteristics

“Rukotvory” is a project maintained and sponsored by its authors. Today, not all of the ideas related to the project are implemented. You can find more by the following address

For advertisers

How to order an advertisement at the web-site

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