For masters

If you are a master,

  • and create wares in the traditional Ukrainian folk art style,
  • create wares that contain ancient Ukrainian symbols,
  • create things that are associated with Ukrainian culture, its traditions and mythical world,
  • and your creations emit positive and powerful energy,

Then join our handmade (rukotvorna) treasury NOW!

To become a part of Rukotvory, you need to:

  • Send us a photo of yourself, five photos of your creations (demanded size of the photos is 800-1000 pixels), a brief biography and contact information to this email: kateryna {a}
  • In case your creations are approved by the editors, we will post information about you on our web site.


  • We reserve for ourselves the right to publish the submitted articles and texts selectively and not to justify the decisions made in relation to approval or rejection of applications.
  • Selecting photos of creations, we follow our personal opinions and inner feelings when viewing these or other works.
  • Rules for placing masters’ works can be changed. Please, keep up with the news of the Web Project.
If you find a mistake in the text, select it and press Ctrl + Enter, please
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