Rukotvory 2.0. What’s new?

Rukotvory 2.0. What’s new?
April 15, 2011 11:43

We have already started up a full English version of the Web Site. The Home Page of Rukotvory has assumed portal aspect. Henceforth it is much easier to keep up with news and bills of art events. We have also made the category of folk artists and the search of creative people by their family names more convenient for usage.


This page serves for presenting all web-site updates in the most convenient way. There you can find some important materials at the top of the page, headlines of events for today and tomorrow and the latest news. An artists’ block allows the reader to instantly find a particular master or conduct a search using the names of his/her works. For example, while looking for “pottery”, you will see the examples instantly.

What’s on

While the events on the home page are divided into the current and tomorrow ones, in this category you can see the events scheduled for the current and the next week. In addition, the events themselves are divided into those that will begin this week, will continue during the week (if they started earlier), or those that will finish in several days.


The main innovation is that you are able to see corresponding creations directly in the list of the artists. This makes the correspondence between the masters and their creations more visual. In addition, at the top of the category there is a convenient classification of arts in accordance to their styles and regions of Ukraine.

Personal Page of each master is also somewhat changed. Now, beside the basic information about the author, you can see a list of articles or news in which he/she was mentioned to the right of the author’s photograph. As an example, here is the personal page of Lesya Denysenko-Yeremenko, a potter.

English version

Created with the financial support of a Canadian spouse Oleh and Bozhena Iwanusiw (the funds allowed to partially pay the translation cost), and due to the work of professional translators Olena Guda (the bulk of translation), Nadia Herbish (interviews with Ivan Prykhodko, Anatoliy Bayda, Ivan Bobkov). We are also thankful to Olha Samchuk for funding the publishing of advertising brochures (Ukr). The names of the people involved in the project are also mentioned in the Gratitude section.

What we have completed and our plans for future

The Web Site has existed since March 2009. During this period we have published information on more than 150 artists; we have been keeping up with the thematic events, publishing interviews with creative people. We have also created a series of Christmas postcards (Ukr).

We plan to extend and improve the functionality of the masters’ section – in particular, to create a possibility for independent management of profile contents by the artists. Also, we plan to add several new categories to the Web Project.

The ways to support us

Staying in one room, we are not able to cover all art events that happen in our country and abroad. We want to go to creative people and have technical means to shoot their creations; to publish a journal based on the website materials, pay fees to journalists who are fond of folk art, too, and are eager to write for this web site; to pay our translators thanks to whom English speaking world can get acquainted with Ukrainian traditional art.

You can support “Rukotvory” ordering an advertisement of 125×125 format located at the top of the right block on this site. You can make donations if forms suitable for you or you can suggest your own ways to cooperate. For this, please, contact us through the contact section.

By the way, if you want to peep into the secret door hole to see how and in what atmosphere we are working at our project you can have a look at the several photos below 🙂

The previous appeal to the readers we published here (Ukr). General information about Rukotvory web project you can find on this page. All your suggestions and proposals you can leave on this page as your feedback or send it to the e-mail address located here.

We wish you all the best and would like to thank you for your attention to our work!

Bohdan Hdal and Kateryna Kachur

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