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7 серпня 2013 15:59
How to become a handicraft master in Turkey
They say that the fate of man is partially determined by the place of his birth. If it is written in the stars for you to be born in Avanos, the Turkish province of Nevsehir, then there’s a chance of 90% that you will become a potter...
17 липня 2013 19:18
National costumes at the culture festival in one of the Istanbul’s suburbs (Photos, videos)
It is not so often that one gets an opportunity to see traditional costumes of different world nations. But it is possible to do this in Büyükçekmece located in the outskirts of Istanbul. This year the town has hosted the World Culture and Art Festival for the fourteenth time...
31 липня 2012 17:43
A fair in a Turkish way — the contents of its originality
It would seem that each country has everything in its own way. Really, Turkish people like different fabrics, silver decorations, copper ware, carpets and colored ceramics. Nevertheless, eyes of creative people of any country are shining with ideas, and all the smiles serve as a universal language even if you don’t know the local one...
27 липня 2012 11:40
The Turkish museum of costumes gets a present from Ukraine
A costume traditional for the Ukrainian Dnipro region (Naddnipryanshchyna) was presented to the Museum of World Costumes in the Turkish town Büyükçekmece by Ukrainian craftsmen together with the authors of the “Rukotvory” project...
19 липня 2012 14:38
Turkish Fiesta on the shore of the Sea of Marmara
A week of a fair; several master-classes with restless Turkish children; new friends and lots of communication. Ukrainian craftsmen introduced the people living over the Black Sea to the Ukrainian national embroidery, tapestry, Yavoriv toys and folk dolls (motanka)...
14 травня 2012 14:13
International Büyükçekmece Culture and Art Festival (Turkey, Istanbul)
International Büyükçekmece Culture and Art Festival will be held 29 June - 08 Jully 2012 in Turkey in Buyukcekmece-Istanbul. Every year from different countries dancers and singers come to Buyukcekmece for this festival. The general idea about this festival is to learn cultures of different countries, their art, people and languages.
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