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Ukrainian traditions

2 січня 2012 13:15
Even Honoré de Balzac knew 77 recipes for baking of Ukrainian bread
Half a thousand examples of Ukrainian ritual bread were brought to Ivan Honchar Museum in Kiev from a hundred villages of Ukraine. With this unique exhibition called “I’m baking, baking tasty bread” the Museum staff and the exhibition visitors honored those who died during the famine of the 1932-33.
2 січня 2012 12:27
The largest wedding head dresses are worn by Kolomiya region brides
Watching Ukrainian brides wearing huge wreaths of goose feathers in old photographs I have never imagined I would be able for real to see a contemporary bride wearing this kind of wedding head dress. But in August this year I chanced to visit a wedding in the traditional style that took place in Veliky Kluchiv ...
24 червня 2010 22:14
The biggest sheaf in the world is a Ukrainian one
At the international ethnic festival “Harvesting” which took place in the middle of August in Kiev region a large sheaf was erected, having 15 meters of height. This case was even registered in the Ukrainian Record Book. The connoisseurs state that no sheaves of the kind have been erected anywhere in the world so far.
24 червня 2010 21:32
Throw away your wedding rings – put on namitkas
Nowadays it is not always possible to tell a young married woman from a single girl by their appearance. If they don’t wear wedding rings I wouldn’t advise ever trying to do that – all young girls and women have similar faces and clothes. But as long ago as several centuries this delicate problem was ...
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