Yulia Dovgan (Boroday)

Yulia Dovgan (Boroday)
+38050 382 47 04
  • Довгань Юлія
  • емаль
  • Бородай
  • емалі
  • емальєри
  • розпис емалями
  • Довгань Юлія
  • емалі
  • емальєрство
  • Бородай Довгань

Yulia is a famous master of vitreous enamel (Kyiv). She keeps the traditions of her father – Olexander Boroday in part of revival of an ancient and rare art of vitreous enamel. In every possible way the artist supports popularization of decorative vitreous enamel in Ukraine and abroad: she organizes exhibitions and implements thematic projects.

Creative work

The art of vitreous enamel resembles magic: affected by the restless furnace flame, paints come out. It is playing with the Elements – Fire, Light, Water – and complete uncertainty ahead. One can never know for sure whether the intended result will be obtained but one can always be sure what is obtained will last long. A risk component together with Fire make this work unique.

Undoubtedly giving preference in her work to enamel painting, Yulia Boroday also works with water colors. It’s the combination of these completely different techniques – monumental and weighted enamel and light, transparent aquarelle – gives her a possibility to create absolutely special things which contain feeling of eternity and fragility: outlines of flowers, fairy palaces, ornaments found back in the ancient times, symbols that do not possess any names yet…

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