Yaroslava Halkun

Yaroslava Halkun
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  • Ярослава Галькун
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Yaroslava is an artist from Lutsk. Beside her attraction to painting and graphic arts, she creates different anecdotal vytynankas. Themes of her works are connected with Ukrainian culture, customs, mythology and relations between the man and the universe. 

Creative work

In accordance with the author: “To my mind, the process of revival of traditional vytynanka technique is very important, and together with this — its development in the scope of the modern art and different experiments with new materials which provide interesting possibilities and means for implementation of ideas.

Most masters who are occupied in different techniques of cutting out pictures from paper make sketches prior to work beginning. This practice certainly has its logics and pluses but for me personally it is always more interesting to work with a blank page and to see the image in its empty space. That is why majority of my works are created without sketches. Such approach has its difficulties, especially when concerning figurative compositions that require maintaining of certain proportions. But this approach gives more freedom, too!”

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