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Yannah More
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This Kyiv artist is deep into study and creation of traditional “spiders” from straw. She says that constantly moving in suspended positions under the room ceiling the spiders harmonize the space and absorb negative energy.

Creative work

The artist thoroughly studies and creates herself traditional “spiders” of different design and structures. She says that constantly moving in suspended positions under the room ceiling they harmonize the space and absorb negative energy.

“Travelling across Eastern countries I was discovering sacral knowledge left in the cultures of Egypt, India and Tibet. A real surprise for me became the discovery of the sacral and original tradition of spider weaving in our native (Trypillya) culture.”

”Spiders are created from energetic vivifying materials: rye and wheat stems. The spider is usually hung in the room center or over the child’s cradle. Turning, it absorbs all the negative energy into its “spider net”; its shape and movements serve for protection and harmonization of the home and its hosts.

The spider is one of the ways to clean the room from negative informational matrixes and energies; one of the properties of its geometric shape is the ability to take negative vibrations and either to absorb them or to alter them so that they become positive ones.”

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