Viktor Tereshchenko

Viktor Tereshchenko
+38066 803 93 08 (07); +38(294) 244 74
  • Віктор Терещенко, сопілка
  • сопілка
  • сопілка, Віктор Терещенко
  • Віктор Терещенко, сопілка
  • подвійна сопілка, джулумига
  • сопілка, ноти
  • ноти для гри на сопілці

A musician, a flute player and a carver — all in one person, from Kyiv region. He can create flutes from any kind of wood: willow, linden, alder, oak, birch. But most of all the master likes willow because according to his words instruments from such wood sound “as they should do”.

Creative work

To make a working flute from a piece of wood it is necessary to perform about a hundred operations in according with the master’s calculations. And that is for a simple single one. But Victor Tereshchenko is able to make double (called dzholomyhas) and triple flutes which sound in two and correspondingly three voices. Especially for amateurs the master has written musical notes with an instruction and distributes them free to people who buy instruments.

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Johann Eisele

Dear Madame or Sir,

I would like to buy a carved Alto Sopilka (chromatic with 10 holes) made by Master Tereschenko. Can you advise me, how I can order it?

Best regards,

Johann Eisele, from Germany

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