Valentyna Berdnyk-Sokorynska

Valentyna Berdnyk-Sokorynska
+38044 565 40 34; +38066 060 65 03
  • народна лялька
  • Бердник-Сокоринська Валентина
  • Валентина Бердник-Сокоринська
  • мотанка
  • Даха-Браха
  • лялька мотанка
  • ляльки з конопель
  • мотанка
  • Валентина Бердник-Сокоринська
  • мотанка

Valentyna is a Kyiv master of sacral motanka-dolls. She manufactures them following all the corresponding ancient rituals and ceremonies that is why her handiworks are not just decorative creations but sacral protecting talismans as well. Each doll has her name and a symbolic purpose: to bring her master success, health, prosperity and love.

Creative work

The master uses only natural materials for manufacture of her dolls, namely – flax, hempen fabrics woven manually.

Each time she starts to make dolls with a prayer, in a good and quiet mood, because if the master is annoyed by something it is better for her not to sit down to work because her low spirits can pass to the doll she is making.

Usually Valentyna keeps to the holiday calendar and moon phases: for example, a doll for prosperity and fertility should be made during the growing crescent; for family harmony and successful work the doll should be made during the full moon phase; during the “chipped” – third – moon phase dolls for avoiding problems and illnesses should be made, etc.

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