Tetyana Vyshnevetska-Tsurikova

Tetyana Vyshnevetska-Tsurikova
+38 (050) 168 41 31
  • квіти з соломи
  • скриня з соломи
  • солом\'яні квіти
  • Тетяна Вишневецька-Цурікова
  • Ukrainian art
  • art
  • квіти з соломи
  • straw flowers
  • flowers made of straw
  • straw flowers
  • flowers made of straw
  • flower

Tetyana is a master of straw-weaving from Luhans’k. She weaves her handiworks from rye and wheat straw. Most of all the master likes to create flowers of different shapes and decorations.

Creative work

The master “grows” flowers from rye and wheat straw; she watches nature to get the details for her works and completes shapes using her imagination. From straw, she also makes boxes and inlays; several years back she made New Year’s tree decorations, sugar bowls, bread baskets and boxes of different sizes.

She takes rye straw from one of her acquaintances who lives in a village and sows rye to fertilize her land. This acquaintance leaves a small patch of land for Tetyana so that she can get ripe straw.

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