Tetyana Grytsay

Tetyana Grytsay
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  • Диво-Птах
  • Диво-Птах
  • Диво-Птах
  • Диво-Птах
  • Тетяна Грицай
  • Тетяна Грицай
  • Малярство на склі
  • Калачики
  • Квітка папороті
  • Тетяна Грицай
  • Малярство на склі
  • Пасхальне воскресіння
  • Слов'яночка
  • Тетяна Грицай
  • Зимова казка
  • Зимовий натюрморт


Tetyana Grytsay is one of the most expressive Ukrainian masters of decorative painting on glass and stained glass painting (panels).

Member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists since 2000 (site: konshu.org), open: Decorative and Applied Art.


She was educated at Lviv Academy of Art (1995; teacher A. Bokotey).


Since 1998 worked as an art teacher at Kyiv school of Art №5.
2000 – a methodologist at the Central Board of Culture and Art in Kyiv.
2004 – present – teaches drawing, painting, glass panels at Salvador Dali Institute of Art Modelling and Design, Kyiv.

Participant of International, all-Ukrainian and Regional art exhibitions since 1992.
Personal Art exhibitions – 1998-99, 2002, 2004.

The author’s artworks are stored in the Museum of History of Kyiv, Art Centre “Dzyga” in Lviv, private collections of Ukraine, Canada, Germany and Italy.

Author’s works:

  • “The one who measures time”, “Salvation”, “Jealousy” (1995);
  • “Chornobyl” (1996);
  • “Birds will come back”, “Winter song” (1998);
  • “Kateryna”, “Coffee for two”, “Joy and grief”, “An apple of seduction” (1999),
  • “A Slavic girl”, “Navigate, my boat, navigate”(2001);
  • a panel “Rich in wisdom parental home’ (2002);
  • “First Snow”, “A beggar”(2004);
  • “The Sunset”, “Calmness”(2008);
  • “Ukrainian uzvar/compote”(2009);
  • “Kalachyky”, “Different World”(2010)
  • “Velykden ” (2012).

Articles about the author:

  • N.Belichenko “The tree of Life”//BV.1996.№3;
  • P.Ganzha “From Trypillians to Modernism”//OM.1998.№1;
  • N.Bilous “The most important thing in an artistic work is harmony”//Kizh.2002, Febr.6;
  • Encyclopedia of modern Ukraine”, volume №6, p.2007, 478/2006;
  • Biographical guide book “Artists of Ukraine”, edition №5, art.44, 2008:
  • Catalogue of Salvador Dali Institute’s exhibition //2009, Kyiv.
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