Tetyana Dubovets

Tetyana Dubovets
+38096 327 36 61
  • Дубовець Тетяна
  • Дубовець Тетяна
  • Дубовець Тетяна
  • Dubovec Tetyana
  • Dubovec Tetyana
  • Dubovec Tetyana
  • українська хустка
  • українська хустка
  • хустка
  • хустка з трипільським орнаментом
  • трипілля

Tetyana is a master of decorative embroidery from Cherkasy. She investigates and revives traditional folk shawls. The master has created a series of contemporary modernized shawls. She closely cooperates with Ukrainian designers.

Creative work

Tetyana is a master of decorative embroidery. Starting from 1995 she has been investigating and reviving traditional folk shawls. Investigation of the Chornobayivka folk shawl is the basis of the master’s creative work. (Chornobayivka district of Cherkasy region). She has found a lot of interesting materials in Cherkasy museum of history and economy.

In her first collection called “The shawl is my love” the master reproduced ancient pictures with ornaments. She used only the following fabrics: silk, rayon, wool.

Co-authors of the sketches for the master’s second collection called “Trypillya shawl” were her daughter Ksenia, designer Olesya Solodova and Olesya Telizhenko. They used such fabrics as wool, cotton and flax.

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