Tetyana Kozlova

Tetyana Kozlova
+38095 515 45 95
  • Тетяна Козлова, плетені кошики
  • Тетяна Козлова, плетений блокнот
  • кошик
  • погремушки, брязкальця
  • плетений обруч
  • кошик
  • плетіння з соломи
  • Тетяна Козлова
  • плетені вироби, луганщина
  • плетені вироби, луганщина
  • плетені вироби, Луганщина
  • Тетяна Козлова
  • вироби з соломки
  • вироби з соломки
  • солом\'яний капелюх, бриль

Master of straw weaving from Luhansk region. As a practicing psychologist by profession she says that the process of twisting straw is a kind of art-therapy. This exercise can calm people down and even cure them.

Creative work

Most often the master weaves from rye straw everyday items useful in daily life: sugar bowls, boxes of different shapes, plates and baskets. She remembers about the decorations, too: makes straw birds, human figures and bells.

She cuts straw during the harvesting season at a field of a farmer familiar to her. Then she dries the rye stems and sorts them, in this way preparing material for the future creative process. She does not work with straw every day but only when she has inspiration. She invents shapes for her handiworks herself instead of borrowing them from her colleagues.

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