Svitana Tsysar

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Svitana is a master of embroidery and folk dolls from Kyiv region. She creates real Ukrainian souvenirs: embroidered bags for mobiles, different tiny dolls, bags in ethnic style, and in addition to all this she makes wooden amulets with ancient Slavic symbols.

Creative work

Embroidered bags, toys to different tastes such as soft dolls for presents, traditional motankas and “krupyankas”or “zernyankas” (dolls filled with groats), wooden amulets with ancient Slavic symbols and runes – all these things can be found among the master’s handiworks. She uses only natural materials: flax, cotton, wool, wood, cereals. For motankas she also takes aromatic herbs which the master collects herself. Svitana pays great attention to the symbolic meaning of the materials, embroidery components, colors and signs.

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