Svitlana Delikatna

Svitlana Delikatna
+38(067) 249 76 09
  • Світлана Делікатна
  • Делікатна Світлана
  • українські писанки
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  • яйце страусине
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  • писанки в кошику
  • Easter eggs
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Svitlana is a pysankar from Khmelnitsky. She has been ornamenting pysankas starting from 2008 and during this period she has mastered her skills so much that in January 2010 she was qualified as a folk art master.

Creative work

“To create exhibition works I use hens’ geese’s, ducks’ and ostriches’ eggs. But for the Easter pysankas I take only whole hens’ eggs in accordance with my region’s tradition. I study traditional pysanka of Khmelnitsky region. It is not an easy task because there is little information in our museums, but Zoya Stashuk helps me. Zoya always willingly shares new information about traditional Podillya pysankas with me.

Beside traditional pysankas I have a series of original colored works created by means of etching. In my original works I use traditional pysanka symbols.

I also teach children to ornament pysankas and this work brings me pleasure.

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Jennie Power

Dear Svitlana,

I am an Australian who fell in love with pysanky a few years ago, and I have been collecting them ever since. I would very much like to buy some examples of your beautiful work to add to my collection of over 600 decorated eggs from Ukraine, Canada and the USA. I especially admire your floral designs, as represented in the eggs in the second photograph (above). I hope to hear from you soon!

Best wishes,

Jennie Power


Dear Svitlana,

його роботи дуже красиві я повинен хвалити Ваш гарний дизайн.

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