Serhiy Denysenko

Serhiy Denysenko
+38066 217 44 87
  • декоративні тарілі
  • декоративні глиняні тарілі
  • декоративні глиняні тарілі
  • Сергій Денисенко
  • Сергій Денисенко
  • Сергій Денисенко
  • Сергій Денисенко, тарілі
  • Сергій Денисенко, тарелі
  • козаки, тарілі
  • Сергій Денисенко, тарілі
  • Сергій Денисенко, тарілі
  • декоративні глиняні тарілі

An artist-ceramist from ceramist dynasty from Kyiv region. He creates decorative plates with ornaments in which he uses the theme of Cossacks or vegetative ornaments. During each baking he also reproduces several of his father’s works thus maintaining invisible connection with him.

Creative work

In the process of creation of decorative plates the artist works in the technique of pastel engobe ornamenting applied under the enamel. He takes ornament elements from pysanka-making art and folk epos. In his time he used to make everyday houseware, too, but has since been using plates for his experiments for a long time. Earlier, women used to keep them on the plate shelves to decorate the modest everyday way of life.

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