Olha Kuchma

Olha Kuchma
+38 (095) 8219159
  • pysanka
  • Easter pysanka
  • писанки
  • писанки
  • писанки
  • писанки
  • писанки
  • писанки
  • писанки
  • Кучма Ольга
  • Ольга Кучма
  • Великдень
  • Easter egg
  • яйце розписане
  • писати писанку
  • pysanka
  • egg
  • писанка
  • писанкарство

Olha is a master and an artist from Volhynia. She paints pysankas with ornaments of her native region. She is also a professional in painting and batik (fabric painting).

Creative work

Every year a month or two before Christmas Olha starts ornamenting pysankas. In total, she has already made more than a hundred of small masterpieces.

She uses pictures from literature sometimes combining them with her own vision but necessarily following ancient Ukrainian traditions. The master likes to ornament pysankas in Volhynia, Polillya and her native region style, she also makes original works.

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