Olha Cherkashyna

Olha Cherkashyna
+38097 973 15 40; +38063 214 94 44
  • Ольга Черкашина
  • лялька-мотанка
  • Ольга Черкашина
  • мотанка
  • Ukrainian art
  • народна лялька
  • Ukraine art
  • Ольга Черкашина
  • Черкашина Ольга
  • motanka
  • motanka
  • рушники
  • серветки
  • napkin
  • doll
  • Cherkashyna Olga

Olha is a painter and a doll-maker from Dnipropetrovsk region. She started her creative work way back from painting clay toys of some master. Later Olha became so attracted to the folk creations that she began to make motanka-dolls, to embroider rushnyks and tea-cloths, and to make necklaces herself.

Creative work

In the process of creation of her motanka-dolls Olha likes it best that each doll has a distinguished expression. For example, a doll with a child can be with a bent head as if she looks down at her child. The master finds inspiration for her creative work in everyday communication with ordinary people: a neighbor in a new skirt, a talkative friend, her son’s sunny smile… She uses different materials: cotton fabrics, fur, tree leaves, beads, clay necklaces.

In accordance with the master, she doesn’t pay much attention to other people’s work not to incidentally repeat the features of someone else’s work. To enlarge her art experience the master reads thematic books.

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