Olexander Kovalchuk

Olexander Kovalchuk
+38(097) 579 10 15
  • Дерево життя
  • Дерево життя
  • Олександр Ковальчук
  • Жіночий портрет
  • гобелен
  • троянда
  • Притча про Лазаря
  • Адам і Єва
  • козак Мамай
  • народні картини
  • Святий Юрій
  • народна картина
  • Ковальчук Олександр
  • dsc_2488
  • ікони Олександра Ковальчука
  • Різдво
  • Виноградна лоза

Olexander is a well-known master of decorative weaving and painting on glass from Vinnytsya. He creates gobelins, paints icons and folk pictures. The author takes images for his works from Ukrainian legends, stories and beliefs.

Creative work

Olaxander is a master of gobelin-making, painting on glass (he paints icons and Ukrainian national pictures often with an image of Cossack Mamay). In painting, the author pictures traditional plots of biblical themes, creates anecdotal pictures with a great number of heroes. By the style and colors his compositions resemble the very baroque Ukrainian icons of the 18th century. Using bright colors and original technology, the artist reflects his own vision of the national tradition. Olexander Kovalchuk’s paintings on glass are close to folk primitive but with a professional approach to drawing and especially decorative expressiveness (in accordance with the characteristics of Naditya Yurchenko, fine art specialist).

Some of the works created in gobelin technique resemble ornaments of Polish embroidered rushnyks or national carpets. Nevertheless, transformed in the artist’s creative imagination, they look as modern and completely independent creations (Nina Sayenko, honored art worker of Ukraine)

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