Olena Shcherban

Olena Shcherban
+38066 184 50 61; +38(05353) 42417, 42416, 42175
  • Ukraine
  • art
  • Ukrainian art
  • Wedding doll
  • art
  • Ukraine
  • Олена Щербань
  • Олена Щербань
  • ляльки мотанки
  • народна лялька
  • українські ляльки
  • ukrainian art
  • ukrainian dolls
  • ukrainian traditions
  • лялька
  • Olena Scherban
  • Olena Scherban
  • українське традиційне мистецтво
  • народне мистецтво України
  • монахиня
  • ukrainian toy
  • мистецтво України
  • мистецтво
  • traditional art

A master-scientist from Poltava region among all investigates Ukrainian pottery and writes scientific articles about it, but in practice she creates works not from clay but from fabrics. When she gets tired from pottery theory, Olena starts making folk dolls and in the process of this work she finds peace of her mind and soul.

Creative work

Olena twines dolls quickly, never leaves a single one unfinished. She uses all the materials that she can get but most of all the master likes to hold “obedient” calico of domestic manufacture in her hands.

A special satisfaction the master gets from people’s requests to teach them, to show them how she “gives birth” to her dolls. She feels that the twining process absorbs her deeply: it is not a work but a pleasant kind of rest. And Olena likes that it brings her almost instant result.

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