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  • Оксана Петращук
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  • Оксана Петращук
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  • Оксана Петращук
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The range of the master’s creative interests covers tapestry, fancy decoration of fabrics and doll-making. Tapestry was the first and the greatest passion of Oksana Petrashchuk. Today she can be said to have developed her own original way in tapestry weaving.

Creative work

Unlike all the textile transformations actual nowadays, Oksana’s tapestries have classical appearance. Two main themes can be traced in them: the nature line (“Seasons”, “Arnica” etc.) and the search in sacral spheres (“Famine and thirst”, “Calvary”, “Judas”). Whilst the first theme has mostly textile-plastic and notably scenic interpretation, graphic laconism prevails in the works of sacral themes.

Fancy decoration of fabrics appeared in Oksana Petrashchuk’s creative work at the time of her study in the Academy of Arts. In this, she is attracted by the hot batik technique which allows for free manipulation with images (“A legend about a song”). In her batik works the artist continues to develop the nature theme.

Doll-making has become a new occupation for Oksana Petrashchuk. She was made to turn to the folk doll by her teaching practice in Vyzhnytsya college of decorative arts. Yet her first works became the evidence of the master’s high professionalism; she rejected the so-called “modeled” pseudo-folk doll and went into studying of national traditions. In the frames of this knowledge Oksana used her experience of the weaving master and fabric ornamenting and the majority of the fabrics of her fairy ethnic characters are of her original designs.

Description of the master’s creative work is by Olga Yamborko, fine art expert

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