Natalya Zatirka

Natalya Zatirka
+38067 898 17 23; +38044 457 19 73
  • Затирко Наталія
  • мотанка
  • Ukrainian doll
  • українська народна лялька
  • Наталія Затирко
  • народна лялька
  • лялька
  • doll
  • ukrainian toy
  • лялька-мотанка

A young Kyiv master of motanka-dolls has mastered this craft by herself. For dolls she takes fabric woven on a loom; flax, rushnyks, beads, lace, table-cloths, bands and threads; for compositions she uses cereal ears, poppy seed, peas, buckwheat, millet etc.

Creative work

As soon as the master learned to make motanka-dolls, she started to present oberegs (protective charms) to her relatives. Later, when she mastered the manufacturing technique, Natalya sent some of her works to her friends in France. As it turned out, Ukrainian culture and old traditions are much valued in France that is why the young master instantly got her admirers and connoisseurs abroad.

All the members of Natalya family living in Chernihiv region have helped her a lot with home-woven fabrics. Her grandmother’s chest came in handy. If the master sees a shortage of some things needed for work she buys them in shops. For dolls, she takes flax, rushnyks, beads, lace, fabrics woven on looms, table cloths, threads and bands; for compositions she uses cereal ears, poppy seed, peas, buckwheat, millet etc.

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