Natalya Dvoryakivska

Natalya Dvoryakivska
+38 (044) 525 22 60
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  • Наталя Дворяківська, декоративний розпис
  • Наталя Дворяківська, декоративний розпис
  • Наталя Дворяківська, декоративний розпис
  • Наталя Дворяківська, декоративний розпис
  • Наталя Дворяківська, декоративний розпис
  • Наталя Дворяківська
  • Наталя Дворяківська, розпис
  • Наталя Дворяківська, розпис
  • Наталя Дворяківська
  • Наталя Дворяківська
  • Наталя Дворяківська, народний розпис
  • Наталя Дворяківська, народний розпис

A Kiev artist of decorative painting possesses an original technique. As the basis she has taken folk wall painting made by water paints on white clay (the kind people used to ornament their furnaces and houses in Ukraine). She is also occupied in decorative painting on wood and painting pictures of canvas and clay.

Creative work

In her decorative painting the artist widely uses ceremonial symbolism. The majority of her works are ceremonial decorations to every yearly folk holiday. They include clay plastics (small angels, small Mycolays and elegant ladies), painting on volumetric shapes (clay and wooden toys, pots, planes, large wooden chests, malyovanka kind of pysankas).

Main themes of the works are folk holidays, biblical, historical plots and themes of folk songs.

The master is also occupied in the wall painting. Decorative painting in the Dragomanov library in Hadyach and painting of a house in the National Museum of Architecture and Lifestyle of Ukrainians are among her works. The artist also took place in the decoration of Protection Church in Hrebinky village, Kyiv region.

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  1. Susie says:

    Please contact me, i am organising Christmas Bazar, and Need u with your artworks, if u are intrested, Spasiba, susie

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