Nadiya Shcherbyuk

Nadiya Shcherbyuk
+38 (03472) 28247; +38 (096) 285 29 03
  • Щерб`юк Надія
  • rushnyk
  • ukrainian towel
  • ornament
  • rushnyk
  • ukrainian design
  • design
  • serviette
  • doily
  • serviette
  • орнамент
  • рушник
  • Щерб`юк Надія
  • Щерб’юк Надія
  • квіти
  • Щерб’юк Надія
  • Щерб’юк Надія
  • рушник
  • великодній рушник
  • рушник великодній
  • вишиванка
  • сорочка
  • чоловіча сорочка
  • жіноча сорочка
  • вишивка
  • сорочка

Nadiya is a master of embroidery from Ivano-Frankivsk region. During her entire life she has been occupied in Creative work using a needle with a thread. She embroiders traditional clothes, rushnyks, tea-cloths, icons and pictures.

Creative work

Nadiya uses fabrics with linen weave (necessary for open-work); she also likes homespun fabrics and flax; “panama” fabric. She takes threads only of high quality proved by time and other masters’ experience and never saves on the quality of materials because all the icons, rushnyks, tea-cloths and pictures are not ordinary Creative works but they also serve as spiritual sources for people.

In each work, Nadiya uses several stitch techniques, makes geometric and vegetative ornaments combined with open-work and selects threads for them individually. Her first important work was making a woman’s chemise. Since then, she has been specializing in making items by individual orders: dresses, chemises, blouses, shirts (men’s and women’s); rushnyks, icons, tea-cloths and pictures.

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