Myroslava Rozhko

Myroslava Rozhko
+38 097 233 78 73
  • ткацтво, Львівщина
  • ukrainian traditional art
  • Ukraine
  • folk art
  • ткацтво на склі
  • Myroslava Rozhko
  • Myroslava Rozhko
  • ткацтво
  • гобелен
  • ткана сукня
  • гобелен
  • Мирослава Рожко
  • ткані вироби
  • ткана сумка
  • Ukraine
  • ukrainian art
  • bag
  • bag
  • ткана сумка
  • ткана сумка
  • тканий рушник
  • рушник

The master is occupied in decorative textiles and works in their different areas: gobelins (she has invented an original technique – weaving on glass), woven accessories (namely bags), woven clothes; rushnyks, banners. She also works at theatricals in the frames of Ukrainian medieval culture festival “Tu stan!” (sometimes interpreted as “you stand here”). In her creative work Myroslava is based on the traditions of different periods of the Ukrainian art: Ukrainian baroque, Kyiv Rus, Scythian art, Trypillya.

Creative work

Creative work means constant search for Myroslava, it’s a search for sense and contents; a search for possibilities of their expression in works; search for unexpected effects and impressions in the implementation process and techniques. Here’s how the artist experimented with thread and glass:

— At some moment during the working process I wanted to underline the characteristics of weaving (its softness and “textility”) by means of contrasting properties of glass (its transparency and cold glitter). These experiments resulted in a series of works created in an original non-traditional way. A characteristic feature here is that open-work weaving is performed from the both sides of glass leaving some of the areas empty. This gives the work an impression of spatial perspective.

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