Mariah Yanko

Mariah Yanko
+38(032) 222 19 55; +38067 25 38 909
  • ляльки
  • Янко Марія
  • Марія Янко
  • писанки
  • великодні писанки
  • pysanky
  • Maria Yanko
  • Yanko Maria
  • різдвяний павук
  • Christmas straw spider
  • павук
  • традиційна атрибутика
  • вироби з соломи
  • писанки
  • pict0014
  • Янко Марія
  • Марія Янко
  • витинанки
  • витинанка
  • vytynanka

Mariah is a master from Lviv region. She is occupied in creative work in lots of areas: making pysankas, folk dolls, straw spiders, vytynankas, painting, graphic arts, painting on fabrics, poetry and artistic photography. She copes with all this and she is a success in everything.

Creative work

Mariah ornaments Lembky pysankas (she is a member of the Foundation of research work on Lembky). She also works effectively in other areas such as motanka-dolls, straw Christmas spiders, vytynankas, painting, graphic arts, painting on fabrics, poetry and artistic photography.

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  1. Suzuka Yanagimoto says:

    Hello, I'm a Japanese.

    I like your products very much!

    Is it possible for me to buy your products?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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