Mariah Maksymiv

Mariah Maksymiv
+38(0352)24 46 23; +38050 966 35 05
  • Богородиця
  • Ісус Христос
  • орнамент
  • рушник
  • жіноча сорочка
  • Марія Максимів
  • чоловіча сорочка
  • вишита сорочка
  • жіноча сорочка
  • ornament
  • орнаметр
  • вишивана сорочка
  • Марія Максимів
  • Марія Максимів
  • серветка
  • рушник
  • вишиті подушки
  • наволочка
  • чоловіча сорочка
  • сорочка
  • Марія Максимів
  • Марія Максимів
  • жіноча вишита сорочка
  • вишиванка
  • вишитий заповіт Тараса Шевченка
  • Великдень
  • рушник на Великдень

One of the participants of the Ternopil creative association called “Berehynya” (the goddes of protection), to which about ten other local maters-embroideresses belong. As for Mariah Maksymiv, she has been occupied in embroidery for more than 60 years. Mariah started to work with needles and threads back in her early childhood.

Creative work

At the dawn of her creative work the artist mastered such embroidering techniques as chain stitch, running stitch and gobelin stitch, catch stitch, satin stitch. Later she learned from her mother such techniques as cross-stitch, satin-stitch, closter-stitch. Mariah also embroiders using other techniques – counted satin-stitch, tapestry seam, “nightingale eyes” (combination of four small squares made in counted satin-stitch with a tiny opening in the center) and different kinds of open-work. Currently, the master has a lot of embroidered tea-cloths, runners, pillow-cases, curtains and table-cloths among her handiworks among her handiworks.

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