Lyudmyla Safo

Lyudmyla Safo
Bukatynka village, Chernivtsi district, Vinytsya region
  • пам\'ятник афганцям
  • Софіївка
  • Голодомор
  • Сафо Людмила
  • скульптура
  • Людмила Сафо
  • Сафо Людмила
  • витинанка

Lyudmyla is a master from Vinnytsya region. She implements her ideas in vytynankas and reflects in stone lumps. Lyudmyla is a founder of the “En plein air” sandstone actions at Podillya. They took place in Yampol, Bush, Bukatynets, Galzhbiyivka, Illichyivsk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kolomiya.

Creative work

The master works in the areas of ceramics, vytynanka, graphic arts, painting, and water-ink printing; she works with stone, wood and illustrates books.

She does not destroy stone but gently and unnoticeably accentuates its natural beauty and esthetic qualities. Lyudmila carefully combines all her compositions made of stone or realized in paintings, graphic arts, vytynankas and poetry. She turns to the plastic composition scheme formed during Renaissance using the folk fairy-tale world perception as the basis.

Her sculptures crystallize fluid magnetic power currents spread in the environment into volumetric spatial structures creating magic lace from stone, herbs, people’s thoughts and feelings, the locality and the Universe auras.

When the master works at the creations, she tries to cure the environment, the spectators and the world. She is considered to be the founder of a new direction in the monumental stone sculpture of philosophic-esthetic and wave magnetism in which metaphysical prevails over formal.

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