Lyuba Petrusha

Lyuba Petrusha
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  • Ukrainian Easter Eggs
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  • Люба Петруша
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  • Люба Петруша
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Lyuba is a master-pysankar, she is an American of the Ukrainian origin. Her parents are from Ukraine. The master has been occupied in ornamenting pysankas from her childhood. She enjoys writing both traditional pysanky and experimenting with original designs. Lyuba has conducted master-classes in pysankarstvo in the USA, Ukraine, India and Australia.

Creative work

This master-pysankar (to the left in the picture) is an American of the Ukrainian origin. She is interested in both traditional pysankas (at present she is studying and writing traditional pysanky from Volyn and Poltava) and original works. She likes to make pysanky with “sorokoklyn” patterns (symbols of eternity) and is also interested in the typical floral-motif pysanky of the Sokal ethnographic region. Lyuba also likes making original designs, with her two areas of specialization being brown egg pysanky and snowflake patterns (for Christmas).

Each year Lyuba gives her works out to her relatives, neighbors and friends. She also presents her works to UCARE, where they are sold through different lotteries. Pysanka-ornamenting art is not a career for the master. She is occupied in this craft only for the good of her soul.

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