Lyudmyla Vonsul

Lyudmyla Vonsul
+38050 373 82 44; +38067 344 38 38
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Lyudmila is not only a master of embroidery from Ivano-Frankivsk region; she is also a student, a public figure, a deputy of the Horodenkivsk regional council, mother of three children and a clergyman’s wife. It’s a wonder how Lyudmila copes with all this. But as the master says whatever she is doing embroidery is always on her mind.

Creative work

The master uses fabrics only with linen weave (it is necessary for open work); she likes home-woven fabric and flax. She takes threads only of high quality, proven by time and experience of different masters. Lyudmila never tries to save money on materials of high quality because the shirts are both long-livers and historical reference books, so it is always sad if they do not stand intensive wear (with washing-up, ironing; sun and rain exposure etc.)

She uses several seam techniques in each work and selects threads separately for them; she also likes to combine geometrical and vegetative ornaments and use them together with open-work. The first really important work of the master was the creation of a wedding dress for her sister. Since then, she has specialized at making items by individual orders: dresses, chemises, shirts and wedding dresses.

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