Lyubov Lytovchenko

Lyubov Lytovchenko
  • вироби з соломи
  • вироби з соломи
  • солома
  • солома
  • виріб з соломи
  • ангел з соломи
  • Любов Литовченко
  • плетіння з соломи
  • Любов Литовченко
  • Любов Литовченко
  • Любов Литовченко
  • Любов Литовченко
  • вироби з соломки
  • солом\'яні вироби
  • солом\'яні вироби

Lyubov is a master of straw weaving from Dnipropetrovsk region. She has been working with straw for 12 years. The master likes to weave wreaths, Christmas spiders, didukhs, angels, head-dresses, hats, baskets, decorations and accessories for girls’ dresses. In her works, Lyubov uses oat, wheat, flax, poppy stems, but most of all she likes rye.

Creative work

The master grows rye in her own field; crops it, dries and processes. Her family helps her in everything. In her works, Lyubov uses oat, wheat, flax, poppy stems, but most of all she likes rye stems – high, long and thin.

Lyubov Lytovchenko has also mastered weaving items from withe. Combination of two old crafts – straw and withe weaving – give her a possibility to create unique, original things. Among them there are floor vases one meter high decorated by straw flowers; wall inlays from withe also decorated with straw bouquets.

The master also likes to weave modern inlays, wreaths, bouquets, tree twigs, angels, head-dresses, decorations and accessories for girls’ dresses, hats, baskets and other things.

As for ancient symbols, Lyubov weaves Christmas spiders, diduks, makes an original work – The Sun (or Yarylo in other words). At present she is in search of images of astronomic bodies: she wants to represent the Moon and stars by means of rye stems and ears.

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