Lesya Turukina

Lesya Turukina
+38(097) 612 11 04; +38(04471) 2 19 28
  • Леся Турукіна, писанки, страусині яйця
  • Леся Турукіна, писанки, страусині яйця
  • Леся Турукіна, писанки, страусині яйця
  • писанки, страусині яйця
  • писанки
  • писанки
  • писанки, Леся Турукіна
  • писанкарство, Леся Турукіна
  • писанки

Master of pysankas (Easter eggs) from Kyiv region has been ornamenting pysankas on the goose, hen and ostrich’s eggs for more than ten years. She both copies traditional ornaments from the 19th century albums and develops modern original ones. The ornaments are mostly vegetative complemented by geometric patterns.

Creative work

When ornamenting eggs the master uses as much as five pysachoks – from a wide one to those having a diameter of a human hair. Such pysachoks make it easy both painting over extensive areas on the eggs and drawing the thinnest lines of the ornaments. The artist ornaments eggs of all the possible sizes and shapes: goose’s, hen’s and ostrich’s.

On the basis of works of Lesya Turukina’s students attending her pysanka art studio, a museum of more than five hundred pysankas was opened in Vasylkiv, Kyiv region, in April 2009. The pysankas are arranged in definite compositions. The exposition is complemented by ornamented handiworks of other contemporary masters.

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Jennie Power

Hello from Australia, Lesya!

I wanted to let you know how much I admire your pysanky. I have a collection of over 600 eggs created by more than 35 artists from Ukraine, Canada and the USA. I would love to buy some of your eggs to add to it. Would you consider sending some of your work to Australia?

Best wishes, and I hope to hear from you soon,

Jennie Power

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