Lesya Skrypka

Lesya Skrypka
+38067 172 84 53
  • Леся Скрипка
  • українська народна лялька
  • традиційні ляльки
  • Ukrainian art
  • art of Ukraine
  • doll Ukraine
  • hand-made of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian hand-made
  • українська лялька
  • podolyanka
  • pysanka

Lesya is a doll-maker from Ternopil region. First she saw a motanka-doll in 2008 and she liked it very much. Having mastered the craft of creating dolls Lesya started to make remarkable dolls dedicated to the Princess Olga, Lesya Ukrainka, Taras Shevchenko’s images of women etc.

Creative work

«At present a lot of masters create motanka-dolls but I wanted to create a non-traditional doll on the basis of the motanka, a doll that would possess its own character and a peculiar image. Thus, an idea came to my mind to make Princess Olga, Lesya Ukraina with her maukas (forest nymphs), Taras Shevchekno’s images of women and others. All these images have the common song-fate that unites them – its Ukraine. Thus the name for the master’s personal exhibition was born: „Women’s song in the Ukrainian centuries”; it took place in May 2010 in the State Memorial museum of M. Grushevsky in Lviv».

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