Larysa Telizhenko

Larysa Telizhenko
+38067 800 04 56; +38 (0472) 32 05 94
  • Молодиця гарна з лиця
  • дизайнерська народна лялька
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  • Ой, ти дівчино, гарна та пишна
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  • Лариса Теліженко
  • Теліженко Лариса
  • українська народна лялька
  • Larysa Telizhenko
  • українська лялька
  • вузлова лялька
  • Telizhenko Larysa
  • домоткане полотно
  • Ukraine
  • Ukraine art
  • лялька
  • Ukrainian doll

This Cherkassy master revives ancient knot-dolls. She makes them of high quality from natural materials and with perfect art taste. Larysa is convinced that the doll is a very energetic work. Each master when making it puts positive energy and thoughts into the creation.

Creative work

Larysa works mostly in the ceremonial doll genre, which takes its roots in traditional Chigyryn folk doll. This doll was investigated by Marko Grushevsky at the beginning of the XX century. Ethnographic roots can be clearly seen in the Larysa’s works though they are usually perceived as very modern. The author possesses delicate esthetic taste, sense of coloristic harmony and proportion in decorations. Good choice of materials and tactful use of different manual embroidery techniques, each time multiplied by unique original decisions in images make her handiworks exquisite national souvenirs for the most choosy clients and situations.

Larysa Telizhenko conducts master-classes in the integral personality development club called “IRIS” and also for the students of Bank University under the National Bank of Ukraine.

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