Iryna Karpenko

Iryna Karpenko
  • Ірина Карпенко, рушники
  • Ірина Карпенко, рушники
  • вишивані сорочки
  • сорочка
  • Ірина Карпенко, рушники
  • Ірина Карпенко, рушники
  • Ірина Карпенко, рушники
  • рушники
  • Ірина Карпенко, серветки
  • Тарас Шевченко

She is a master of embroidery from Yasinuvata, Donetsk region. She has been occupied in the embroidery of shirts, chemises and pictures from the mid 90th. In her times the master has learned embroidery on her own, now she it teaching others this traditional craft.

Creative work

The master embroiders using the most widespread embroidery techniques: cross-stitch, “nabyruvannya” (special kind of satin stitch) chain-outline stitch. To this she also adds open-work. Majority of the ornaments on the master’s handiworks are original, but sometimes she copies old rushnyks from her grandmother’s chest. Besides, Iryna embroiders shirts and chemises, tea-cloths and makes pictures with different plots.

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