Halyna Nazarenko

Halyna Nazarenko
+38(067) 102 74 99; +38(05634) 2-48-61
  • скриня
  • розпис стіни
  • розпис стіни петриківкою
  • розпис стелі
  • розмальована піч
  • petrykivskyi rozpys
  • Галина Назаренко
  • стіл
  • Різдво
  • petrykivka
  • Щекавиця ресторан
  • Щекавиця ресторан
  • Галина Назаренко
  • Галя Назаренко
  • Галина Назаренко
  • Петриківський розпис
  • народний розпис
  • Петриківка, народна картина
  • Петриківський розпис
  • Петриківка
  • розпис тарелі
  • Петриківський розпис
  • козак мамай
  • Петриківський розпис
  • петриківка
  • народний розпис
  • народна картина
  • Петриківка
  • галя назаренко
  • Петриківка

A master of Petrykivka decorative painting had been occupied in this kind of art from her childhood. It really couldn’t have been any other way because Halyna was born in a famous Petrykivka village. After a number of years she has improved her skills and now this master is considered to be one of the best artists working in national decorative painting.

Creative work

Originality and continuity in the best traditions of the legendary masters of the elder generation inhere in the creative work of the artist. Each of her works is permeated with multitude of natural colors of the native place which creates the feeling of holiday. Ukrainian countryside, flowers, Cossack Mamay are among the artist’s favorite subjects for her paintbrush. She applies “Petrykivka” to different kinds of materials – paper, wood, glass and interior walls. The master likes to paint with a traditional brush made from cat hair which allows for creating a picture delicate like lace.

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