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January 14, 2011 11:48
Christmas carols in the underground
At 15:00 on January the 13th the time stopped for the passengers of the capital underground. It was then that a festive carol ”Dobry vechir tobi, pane gospodaryu” (“Good evening to you, master”) could be heard simultaneously at different underground stations...
December 28, 2010 19:31
Lviv, Chernivtsy, Uzhgorod are the most attractive cities for the New Year holiday celebration
Ranking of the most attractive cities for New Year celebration has been performed in Ukraine. The first place in accordance with this ranking is occupied by Lviv. Historical Poltava and Uzhgorod got to the top ten of the cities most visited during the New Year celebrations in Ukraine.
November 18, 2010 19:25
Due to its national art Ukraine has become known in China
Tetyana Protcheva, a master from Kyiv, spent half a year in Shanghai, China, at the EXPO-2010 exhibition. There, among other masters, she was presenting Ukraine and introducing Ukrainian culture and traditions to foreigners. For this, the master was continuously conducting master-classes in embroidery for Chinese people and the exhibition guests.
June 24, 2010 23:00
Brides started to wear wedding dresses in the 1960th
"I remember the year I graduated from the secondary school, it was in 1961, my neighbor Nadya was wedded in the skirt and chemise yet at the time – recalls 62-year old Maria Stepanishyna, born in Gordiivka, too. — And somewhere around 1965 such materials as staple and China silk appeared in the shops, so ...
Artist dressing modern youth in traditional clothes with a paint-brush
Have you ever seen picturesque portraits of contemporary girls and boys dressed in Ukrainian national costumes? Photographs you may have come across but I have grave doubts as for painted pictures. Kateryna Biletyna once decided to dress young people in traditional things. She did that with the help of paint and a brush.
Europe would envy our wedding songs
To celebrate a wedding in accordance with all the canons of our ancestors has become simpler nowadays. At least, it will not be needed to “dig for” the song scenario for the ceremony in the museum archives. An Art Agence “Art Veles” supported by the International Charity fund “Ukraine 3000” published a collection of authentic ...
A Gutsul way for “Enjoy your meal”
A folk festival – without “strong gutsul gorilka (Ukrainian for “vodka”) or banush with brynza (corn dish with sheep or goat home-made cheese) and cracklings” as it was artistically pronounced from the stage, but yet with standard attributes of a fair: shashlik, beer, kvass, gorilka… that was how the International Gutsul Festival in Vyzhnytsya started ...
The biggest sheaf in the world is a Ukrainian one
At the international ethnic festival “Harvesting” which took place in the middle of August in Kiev region a large sheaf was erected, having 15 meters of height. This case was even registered in the Ukrainian Record Book. The connoisseurs state that no sheaves of the kind have been erected anywhere in the world so far.
Throw away your wedding rings – put on namitkas
Nowadays it is not always possible to tell a young married woman from a single girl by their appearance. If they don’t wear wedding rings I wouldn’t advise ever trying to do that – all young girls and women have similar faces and clothes. But as long ago as several centuries this delicate problem was ...
December 24, 2009 16:02
A Christmas angel made of fabric
Each person has a guardian angel. If a child smiles when sleeping they say it’s because the angel is looking at him or her. It’s these supernatural beings who informed the shepherds about the birth of Jesus Christ. We know a lot of similar records and mentions of these God’s messengers but does anyone know ...
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