Andriy Holub has designed a modern potter’s house for Opishnya village

Andriy Holub has designed a modern potter’s house for Opishnya village
September 23, 2012 19:15

Andriy Holub, an architect, has presented in his portfolio a design of a potter’s house which is intended to be built in Opishnya village of Poltava region. According to the author, his project has accumulated the features of the folk architecture, Trypillya architecture, neo-modernism and organic architecture.

A modern potter’s house
A modern potter’s house

“The main idea of the building is to use natural ecologically compatible materials in a new modern form so that they will mirror globalization of the modern world architectural process at the same time harmoniously fitting into the environment. That is why the object’s roof is made of straw which is the most ecologically compatible roofing material and which does not require any additional activities (on hydraulic or steam insulation). Cob and pise are also widely used for wall-making, and of course they are also ecologically safe and cost-saving materials” — underlines the author.

A modern potter’s house

The project foresees dwelling place for the potter’s family and his trainees; a workshop area for creation of pottery together with a warehouse; a library, a small shop, an exhibition hall and place behind the main entrance to arrange expositions during warm seasons.

A modern potter’s house
A modern potter’s house
A modern potter’s house

The project was visualized by Olexandr Vovk.


Translated by Olena Guda

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  • Просто казково! Мені дуже сподобалось. Архітектор — молодець! Добре було б, якби вдалось такий будинок побудувати!

  • Володимир Ляшкевич

    Це не модерн. Це постмодерн — для тих, для кого це хоч щось значить...

  • Лев Сологуб

    І шо на цей проект каже Опішня?

  • Гарний проект. Яке тільки відношення Трипілля має до Опішні — загадка.

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