A Ukrainian Easter Egg from the Midwest of USA

A Ukrainian Easter Egg from the Midwest of USA
April 9, 2012 18:26

Ukrainian identity remains strong outside of Ukraine throughout several generations – sometimes, with the help of a simple Easter Egg —  or Pysanka — a Ukrainian tradition. Luba Perchyshyn, an artist and owner of the oldest Ukrainian Gift Shop in Minneapolis, keeps the traditional art of decorating Easter Eggs alive. Her Ukrainian roots thrive more so than those of many who have never left the home country. Not many people in modern Ukraine dress in traditional Ukrainian embroidered wear and know how to decorate an egg using the beeswax-resist method. In the video that I shot in her Ukrainian Gift Shop — in business since 1947 — Perchyshyn demonstrates how to create a Ukrainian Easter Egg.

Hundred of thousands of Ukrainians living abroad maintain connections to the land of their ancestors and keep their sense of identity through language, food, music, and holidays. Perchyshyn’s parents, just like many other Ukrainians in the early 1900s, traveled to America by boat through Ellis Island.

Feeling homesick, they found ways to maintain holiday traditions and share Ukrainian customs with people around them – during state fairs and festivals, in their workshops, shipping Easter Eggs from their modest shop in the Midwest to customers around the world. For decades, Perchyshyn has kept the Pysanka tradition alive. Born in the United States, having spent all her life away from Ukraine, she loves being Ukrainian.


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  • Саша

    Підкажіть де придбати електричний писачок.

    • АННА

      За 2 тиждні привезу електрописачки із США ! Хочете???

      • Мирослава

        Скільки коштує такий електрописачок?

      • Олеся

        Мене теж дуже цікавить електричний писачок: скільки він коштує, як з Вами можна сконтактувати?

      • Я також зацікавилась такою писачкою. Сповістіть і мене, будь-ласка, про ціну і можливість придбати.

      • Мар’яна

        Привіт, мене також зацікавив електричний писачок!

        Бачила на Сландо за 1500 грн, дуже дорого.

        Яка ціна у Вас?


  • Анна

    Електрописачок 800 грн!!!

  • Janet B


    This is for 220 volt...no tips...about 35USD to 60USD or about 280UAH to 480UAH


    This you must buy adapter, so total about 90USD or about 720UAH

    I like the first one, it is cheaper too.

  • Stan Aronowitz

    Seeking to purchase PYSANKAS at wholesale for our customer base in the USA

  • оля

    Доброго дня. Чи актуальна пропозиція з електричними писачками, і яка ціна? Чекаю відповіді

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