A Christmas angel made of fabric

A Christmas angel made of fabric
December 24, 2009 16:02

Each person has a guardian angel. If a child smiles when sleeping they say it’s because the angel is looking at him or her. It’s these supernatural beings who informed the shepherds about the birth of Jesus Christ. We know a lot of similar records and mentions of these God’s messengers but does anyone know for sure what they look like? Iryna Sulikovska, a master from Kyiv, tried to make a guess and she showed us how to create a toy Christmas angel from a piece of fabric.

Required materials:

  • Woolen fabric of white or blue color (approximately 40×40 cm);
  • decorative bands, lace or cords;
  • accessories (stars or beads);
  • cotton wool;
  • threads of different colors;
  • scissors.

різдвяний ангел з текстилю

Begin with making fringe on the sides of the chosen fabric: pull out unnecessary threads to give a neat appearance to the fabric.

Різдвяний ангел з текстилю

Make a tight roll or a spiral from a piece of cotton wool and put it into a round shape. This will serve as the basis for the head.

Різдвяний ангел з текстилю

Put the cotton wool in the middle of the fabric, fold the fabric up and tie it with a thread (as shown in the pictures).

Різдвяний ангел з текстилю

Різдвяний ангел з текстилю

Різдвяний ангел з текстилю

Find the two edges which will serve as wings and straighten them as shown below. Lift the wings and define the angel’s belt area. Fix it with a thread.

Різдвяний ангел з текстилю

Then, put your band or lace over the belt and turn it around the doll several times. The appearance of the toy will depend on how tight the belt is tied on its waist. Wind the lace behind the angel’s shoulders and around the neck. Lay it in the shape of a cross on its chest (see the pictures). Tie the ends of the lace from behind and cut off excessive parts if any.

як зробити ангела з тканини

Decorate the angel. Tie a silver band around its waist and thread it with two beads.

різдвяний ангел

Make a head band from the silver lace, too.

Such Christmas angel can serve either as a decoration of your interior or as a toy for small children.

різдвяний ангел з тканини

Ірина Суліковська зі своїм ангелом

Iryna Sulikovska at her angel

The master class was conducted by Iryna Sulikovska
Photos by Kateryna Kachur

Post scriptum:

It’s not long since the master class, but Iryna Sulikovska has already got her first students. You can take a look at their angels following the links below:
1. sestra-yuliya.livejournal.com
2. duvosvit.livejournal.com

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